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Register at Cryptex, deposit 100 Dollar to your account and complete at least one defi contract.  

Payments can be done with any bitcoin wallet, like Trastra, Coinbase or okx wallet.

If you wish to be anonym, use Prepaidcloudtech and anonym email to register. 

After 3, 5, or 7 years there is a big payout of more than half Million Dollars, if you make 20 contracts, with the time.

Cost for one contract is only $100, you can have up to 20 contracts. 

Cryptex borrows Dollar 43.200 per contract, which, due to the secure yields, are repaid without you having to do anything. Multiply 43.200 Dollar with 0,001 and you know, what you can receive daily per contract!

And its really a lot! They have a risk insurance! Means, you can not lose any money! Minimum withdraw is US Dollar 100.

Enjoy your life and promote Crytex to earn some more Bitcoin.

All contracts receive payout since 2017.

Even you can use Cryptex as a member to member payment system, it works international, without any borders. You can have all informations about Cryptex in this 40 Minutes video here.

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If you sign up and you get only one new member with contracts, I pay you 30 Dollar.

If you are interessted, how Cryptex works, signup here and watch, how excellent staking works (without borrow, insurance, farming or lending). 
Dashboard of Cryptex

If you don´t have money, signup up at Freecash and Offerbux to get 2000 Dollar soon.

  play games or download Bitcoin sind wertvoller, als Gold.
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Super Renditen     If you are looking out for daily money, you can choose Henbbo, they offer very good investmentplans between 1,65% and 10,5% daily with daily payouts. If you like to do reinvest or compounding, you need to log in daily, even you have to login for request your payout. You can invest with many cryptos. You can login daily and receive free Bitcoin. Minimum investment is 50 Dollar. I will give you cashback, if you write me an email, before you invest. The company is paying a long time and has a risk insurance. Soon they have credit cards and their own cryptocurrency. Minimum Payout is 20 US Dollar.


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